About Us

Rubanipix is a Private Limited Company based at The Watermark Business Park in Karen, Nairobi, Kenya. We focus primarily on storytelling through Photography, Film & Animation.  We provide end-to-end Visual Solutions for SMEs, Corporate as well as Private Clients. This is from the concept stage, through to production & post-production.
 We also provide Live Feed, Live Streaming, Web Design and Digital Marketing Solutions. 


Rubanipix consists of a passionate and dedicated team whose work spans advertising, product, portraiture, documentaries, promo videos, music videos, corporate events, weddings, real estate and editorial work in Kenya and beyond.


Mentorship & care for the environment are in our DNA. We believe it’s never too early to train a child on life skills, problem solving & global impact. For that reason, we are always keen to partner in CSR & mentorship initiatives.

Click on the link below for more info on our rates and services. Click on the second link to find out more about our Apprenticeship Programme.